How to Improve Wooden Briquette Machine Efficiency?

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Biomass wooden briquettes are a type of renewable resources that are growing rapidly in today's fuel market. but making high quality wooden briquette is not so easy. To improve productivity first is the need to understand the factors that affect efficiency. 

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How to Improve Wooden Briquette Machine Efficiency?

Usually, the process of making wood briquettes in a complete wood briquette making line includes crushing, drying, briquetting, cooling and packing. So if you want to improve the efficiency of your wooden briquette making machine plant, you should pay attention to the whole briquette production process. 

Raw Material Selection 

As we all know, there are various kinds of raw materials suitable for starting a wood briquette production line, including aro wastes and forestry residues. 

raw materials to start wood briquette machine business
Raw Materials to Start Wood Briquette Machine Business

  • Raw Materials Type 

Different biomass raw materials have different features, which requires different briquetting ways. Wood chips have low plasticity when forming at room temperature, while biomass with high fiber rate is especially easy to form at high pressure. Biomass feedstock with high lignin - like wood types, straw, etc. are good for briquetting with heating systems for lignin makeup on high temperature and their highly elevated plasticity for better performance. (Related article: how to make coffee briquettes>>)

  • Proper Size

The briquetting technology requires the raw material in the right size, to fit the wood briquetting machine. Although we do not need to consider the consumption of binder in the process of making biomass briquettes, raw materials with proper size distribution will help us to make high quality briquettes. Crushing machine is equipped to process the different size raw materials into the same proper size. (Related article: sawdust briquette machine for sale>>)

  • Proper Moisture Content 

Moisture that occurs within a certain range in briquettes gives the product better quality. But too high or too low moisture can affect the efficiency of the wood briquette production. Drying machine can help you to adjust the moisture content of the raw materials. (Related artilce: how to make manure bricks>>)

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Wood Briquetting Machine Plant Setup

To improve the wooden briquettes production, you should make sure of the type of wooden briquette machine. As we all know there are two types of briquetting machines for sale, including screw type and punching type. Choosing the suitable one based on your actual condition and requirements. (Related article: briquettes manufacturing plant cost>>)

Screw Wooden Briquette Production Line
Screw Wooden Briquette Production Line Building
Punching Wooden Briquette Machine Plant
Punching Wooden Briquette Machine Plant Setup

Here are the differences of two types wood briquetting machines:

Type Screw Type Punching Type
Final Product Shape cylinder in any length square or hexagonal cylinders with a hollow center
Final Product Length 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 70mm 70mm, 30mm, 22mm, 10mm, 8mm
Input Raw Material Size 3.5mm Less than 10mm
Special Function Process both pellets and briquettes The final produced product is with the carbonized surface, can be used for processing charcoal briquettes

The factors mentioned above are the major factors affecting wooden briquette production. If you have any idea of improving the wood briquette making process, or if you have any problems in start your wooden briquette business, we are here for your contact to help you!

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Choosing Best Wooden Briquette Machine Manufacturer

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customzers visiting our briquette machine manufacturing factory
Customzers Visiting Our Briquette Machine Manufacturing Factory

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