Tree Shredder

GC-QZ-1000 Mobile Tree Branch Shredder

This equipment is common accessory facility used in large scale wood briquetting or pelletizing production line for grinding wood raw materials such as log, tree branch, tiwg ant so on.

tree branch shredder machine for grinding or cuting branchs or wood log
Mobile Tree Shredding Machine

Application: This branch shredder for sale is designed for industrial scale branches crushing. It is suitable for shredding undersized tree (small-diameter lumber, small-diameter log), branches, wood harvesting residual material, shrub / frutex / bush, cotton stalk.

Main Technical Parameters of the Branch Shredder

The following table shows the parameter details of this industrial branch shredder machine. Feel free to contact us if you are interested to get more info or latest price.

PS: Feed diameter up to 200mm

industrial branch shredder for sale at low price
Branch Shredding Machine Details

Model GC-QZ-1000
Diameter of knife roll (mm) 544
Knife roll speed (r / min) 1700
Number of flying knife (piece) 2
Main motor power (kW) Electric Engine - 55kw
Petrol Engine - 4108
Feeding mouth (mm) 440×380
Weight (tons) 2.8
Dimensions (length × width × height) (mm) 3200×1800×3100

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Video: Tree Branches Shredding Process

View the video on youtube below to see how this machinery works and how wood log and branches are crushed.

Industrial Scale Wood Shredding Machine

large wood shredding equipment for wood processing industry
Shredding Machine in Large Scale Wood Processing Production Line

What Can be Crushed by This Shredding Machine?

This multifunction industrial shredding machine can process a wide range of wood and biomass materials, such as wood log, wood slab, wood batten, woody wastes from building site and other non-wood materials like bulk stalks, cotton stalks, reed and so on.

mobile large tree shredding machien for sale at low price
Mobile Shredding Machine with Wheels

Model WQCC-1260-500 WQCC-1400-500 WQCC-1400-800
Knife roll speed (r / min) 650 926 926
Diameter of knife roll (mm) 800 800 1100
Number of flying knife (piece) 4 24 24
Feeding mouth (mm) 1260×500 1400×500 1400×800
Weight (tons) 13.8 18.6 24.6
Main motor power (kW) 132-160 200 250
Dimensions (LWH) (mm) 7300×3000×2230 8600×2480×2800 11000×2480×3250
Production Capacity (t/h) 12-15 18-20 25-28

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Video: Tree Shredding Process

(View the video below to see how the industrial crusher works?)