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Air Flow Dryer

air-flow-dryer-machine-for biomass-briquetting-production-line
Air Flow Drying Equipment in Complete Briquetting Plant

This air flow dryer is to torrefy the material with higher moisture. After the moisture is reduced below 12%, the material is ready to be pressed into pellets or briquettes. The air flow dryer is a pre-treatment facilities always with briquette press.

Drying Process:  Hot air stove → feeding port → pipeline → ebullated dryer → pipeline → fan → heating cylinder →pipeline→ separator→ materials

Model GC-DH-7.5 GC-DH-11 GC-DH-15 GC-DH-18.5
Capacity(Kg/hour) 350-500 600-800 800-1000 1000-1200
Size of Input Material
< 3mm & < 5mm < 3mm & < 5mm < 3mm & < 5mm < 3mm & < 5mm
Temperature of Hot Air 150°C~200°C 150°C~200°C 150°C~200°C 150°C~200°C
Consumption of Wood Waste 70kg/h 100kg/h 120kg/h 150kg/h
Moister content max % 30-40% 30-40% 30-40% 30-40%
Moisture of material after drying 8-12% 8-12% 8-12% 8-12%
(Air Fan)
7.5kw 11kw 15kw 18.5kw
Net Weight 2500kg 3100kg 3800kg 4500kg

Rotary Dryer

If the raw material moisture is higher than 40%, and the production capacity is large, usually we suggest using rotary dryer.

rotary dring machine for biocharcoal briquetting plant
Details of Rotory Drying Machine

The fuel of the dryer is hot air which is offered by the hot air stove. The hot air enters into the dryer by the pipe, and the raw material enters the hopper of dryer at the same time. The raw material is rotated continuously through spirals inside, causing the material to be dried at high temperature. The dried raw material is sent to the discharging cyclone by suction fan. This kind of dryer can achieve the effect of drying uniformity, short time, high efficiency and low energy consumption.

The rotary dryer is divided into single-layer type and three-layer type. It is designed according to the moisture of raw material and producing capacity.

Model GC-DR-1100 GC-DR-1200 GC-DR-1500 GC-DR-1800
Initial Moisture 35%-45% 35%-45% 35%-45% 35%-45%
Final moisture after drying 10%-12% 10%-12% 10%-12% 10%-12%
Capacity: 800-1200kg/h 1300-1500kg/h 1500-2000kg/h 2000-2500kg/h
Drum size 1.1m*8m 1.2m*10m 1.5m*12m 1.8m*12m
Drying diameter 400mm 450mm 500mm 600mm
Main Power 15kw 18.5kw 22kw 37kw
Fan power 3kw 5.5kw 7.5kw 11kw
Cyclone diameter 1200mm 1270mm 1500mm 1800mm
Fuel (firewood) consumption 100-120kg/h 130-160kg/h 200-250kg/h 300-350kg/h
Weight 5500kg 7400kg 11600kg 23800kg
Dimension 25*3*3.5m 28*3*4.5m 30*4*5m 30*4*5.5m