GCBA-II Briquette Machine

GCBA-II Briquetting Machine can process a wide range of biomass and wooden materials, the common types are listed below:

  •    Agriculture Wastes: soyabean husk, palm husk, sunflower stalk, wheat straw, paddy straw, bamboo dust, caster seed shells / stalk, cotton stalks, groundnut shell, sugarcane baggasse, mustard stalks, jute sticks, coir pitch, coffee husk, rice husk…
  •    Forestry Wastes: tree branches, logs, dried leaves, barks, straws…
  •    Industrial Wastes: veneer residues, wood chips, tea waste, tobacco waste, sawdust…

GCBA-II Briquetting Machine for Sale

biomass briquetting machine manufacturer
GCBA-II Briquetting Machine for Sale

GCBC-II Biomass Briquetting Machine

Model GCBA-II Briquetting Machine
Shapes of briquettes Hollow Quadrangular or Hexagonal
Output kg/h 300~350 kg/h
Motor Power (kw) 22 kW
Electric heater (kw) 5 kw
Size of briquettes Dia.60mm/50mm
Size of inside hole Dia.18mm/16mm
Density of briquettes 1.3 g/cm3
Weight(kg) 780 kg
Overall dimension(mm) 1500*1200*1600 mm
Warranty 12 Months
Scew Rod and Sleeve of wood briquetting machinery
Spare Parts (Scew Rod, Sleeve, etc)
electric cabinet of the screw briquetting press machine
Electrical Component
biomass briquettes before carbonization processBiomass Briquettes before Carbonization
biomass charcoal briquettes after charring processCharcoal Briquettes after Carbonization

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Features of GCBA-II Briquetting Machine

  • GCBA series briquetting press machine is designed with automatic temperature control system.
  • Screw press type: high efficiency and energy saving.
  • There is a hole through the finished briquette, which can help improve the combustion efficiency.
  • Reliable and stable working performance; reasonable structure design; easy operation and maintenance.
  • High automatic; one operator is enough.

Photos of the Equipment Details

Here are some photos of the GCBA-II type wood briquettes making machine.

wood briquetting machine supplier, factory price
Machinery in Factory
package of wood briquette maker for small to medium production

How to Build a Wood Briquetting Plant

equipment list for briquetting production process
Equipment of Wood Briquette Production Plant

Calorific value Cal/Kg and ash content of major agro wastes suitable for making briquettes.

Agro Wastes   Cal. / Kg. Ash Contents 
Babool [Wood]            4707 K. 0.90%
Bagasse        4380 K. 1.80%
Bamboo Dust            4160 K. 8.00%
Barks Wood  1270 K. 4.40%
Castor Seed Shells 3862 K. 8.00%
Coffee Husk   4045 K. 5.30%
Coir Pitch       4146 K. 9.10%
Cotton Stalks / Chips 4252 K. 3.00%
Forestry Waste 3000 K. 7.00%
Groundnut Shell 4524 K. 3.80%
Jute Waste                 4428 K. 3.00%
Mustard Shell 4300 K. 3.70%
Mustard Stalk 4200 K.          3.40%
Paddy Straw  3469 K. 15.50%
Palm Husk     3900 K. 4.90%
Rice Husks    3200 K. 19.20%
Saw Dust Briq. 3898 K. 8.20%
Soya bean Husk   4170 K. 4.10%
Sugarcane     3996 K. 10.00%
Sunflower Stalk   4300 K. 4.30%
Tea Waste     4237 K. 3.80%
Tobacco Waste 2910 K. 31.50%
Wheat Straw              4100 K. 8.00%
Wood  Chips  4785 K. 1.20 %           

Maize Straw Briquettes Making Process

making briquettes from straw
making Briquettes from Straw

For maize straw / corn stalk briquettes, the density can reach 1.0-1.2; the moisture content is 10-13%; the calorific value is about 3800-4500 kcal/kg. They can be used as industrial fuel or household fuel directly. They are easy to ignite, possess strong and stable combustion performance. Besides, as a kind of biomass briquette products, corn stalk or maize straw briquettes are featured with pollution free. There is no sulfur, phosphorus or other noxious substance in the smoke when burning. The ash after burning can also be used as plant ash. Maize straw briquettes are very popular in the world wide market, the main advantages are listed below:

  • Environmentally friendly, economical and renewable.
  • High calorific value (4000 Kcal/Kg)
  • Low ash content and no fly ash during combustion.
  • Pollution free: no sulfur or any hazardous material.
  • Low moisture content, high density, high combustion efficiency.
  • Unified rod-like shape, convenient to transport, use and store.

  • I have a small joinery workshop and need a briquette machine. Extractor bags are large and hard to get rid of.I have a wood burner in there for winter so it be handy to make fuel. Could i buy one for around 5000 pounds ? Thanks
  • According to your investment, there are some models you can choose. We send the quotation of them, pls choose which model do you prefer to.
    Contact us without any hesitation if any question.
  • We are a Greek company interested in biomass briguette machine. Do you deliver worldwide?
    Can you inform me of prices, availability and transportation cost to Greece?
  • Yes, we deliver worldwide. So pls choose which kind of briquette machine you want. And pls also inform us the capacity of the briquette machine you want, then we can send the quotation.
     For the transport to Greece, pls inform the seaport name, then we can check the cost with the shipping company.
  • I would like to find out if the GCBA Briquetting Machine can be sold and transported to Zambia.
  • Yes, Zambia is a very close country to China. We been to Zambia for business visiting for many times. The transportation is not a problem.
  • I'm interested to buy 200-500kg/h biomass briquette machine. Would you please inform me the price of the machine. The raw materials include wood chips, Sawdust, Coconut shell, Tree branches, Corn stalk, Others.
  • We recommond GCBA-II briquette machine and the detailed quotation was send to your email. The raw materials you have should be crushed first before the briquette machine can take in,can you provide pictures and size of each? So we can make the best selection of the auxiliary equipment.