Coal / Charcoal Briquette Machine

coal charcoal briquettes in different shapes

Suitable for Processing

  • Charcoal powder / charcoal dust: raw material powder, silicomanganese alloy, etc.
  • Coal: Coal powder, middle coal, slime peat, coke powder, lignite etc.
  • Other material: fireproof material, desulfurization gypsum, dolomite etc.

Shape of Final Coal Briquettes: Can be round, pillow, square, oval.

Size of Briquettes: 18mm-80mm (can be made according to clients requests)

AGICO supply three kinds of Roller Press Briquette Machine:

   Mini Charcoal Briquette Machine
      (1 ton/h)

   Mechanical Charcoal Briquette Machine
      (1-5 ton/h)

   Hydraulic Charcoal Briquette Machine
      (7-20 ton/h)


Minimum Coal / Charcoal / Coke Briquette Maker

  •    Structure Design: Two rollers single press
  •    Advantage: Low cost machine, which is suitable for individual, homeuse or small scale coal briquetting production.
minimum coal briquette maker
minimum coal briquette press
Model GCXM-290
Power 5.5kw
Producing capacity 0.9-1TPH
Diameter of roller 290mm
Width of roller 200mm
Form of structure Two rollers single press
Overall size 1200×1000×1420
Weight 560kg

Mechanical Coal / Charcoal / Coke Briquette Machine

  •    Structure Design: Four-roller double-pressing type; Mechanical structure.
  •    Advantage: The four rollers apply twice pressure to the briquettes being pressed. So the briquettes made by this coal briquette machine are stronger with high density and the surface is smoother. This briqueting press machine has national patent in China.
mechanical briquette maker
mechanical charcoal briquette maker

Model capacity Power Speed of main shaft Type of pressure Material of roller
GCXM-360 1.5-2.0 ton/h 7.5 Kw 12-14 r/min Mechanical 65Mn
GCXM-400 2.5-3.5 ton/h 7.5 Kw 12-14 r/min Mechanical 65Mn
GCXM-430 3.5-4.5 ton/h 11 Kw 12-14 r/min Mechanical 65Mn 9cr2Mn

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Hydraulic Coal / Charcoal / Coke Briquette Machine

  •    Structure Design: Four-roller double-pressing type;  Mechanical and HydraulicIt structure
  •    Advantage: These four rollers apply pressure twice to the coal and charcoal materials, making the final briquettes stronger with high density, and the surface is smoother. AGICO briquette machinery are qualified and reliable. All our machines own national patent. It is designed with mechanical and hydraulicIt briquetting system. When there is problem in the hydraulic system, you can use mechanical type when maintain it. It does not influence the machine's working.
hydraulic charcoal briquette machine
hydraulic charcoal briquette machine

Model capacity Power Speed of main shaft Type of pressure Material of roller
GCXM-500 7.5-8.5 ton/h 37 Kw 10-12 r/min Mechanical & Hydraulic 65Mn 9cr2Mn
GCXM-650 9-10 ton/h 45 Kw 9-11 r/min Mechanical & Hydraulic
GCXM-750 13-14 ton/h 90 Kw 9-11 r/min Mechanical & Hydraulic
GCXM-850 15-17 ton/h 110 Kw 8-10 r/min Mechanical & Hydraulic

Raw Materials Size Requests before Briquetting

In order to ensure the good quality and mechanical strength of the final product, special care should be taken to ensure that the granule size fed to the machine is maintained below 3mm, preferably in the range of 30-40% smaller than 1–2 mm, with no more than 10% over 2 mm.


Charcoal Briquette Machine Rollers
Briquetting Rollers and Other Details

What is Roll Press Type Briquette Machine / Maker ?

Roll press briquette maker have been used to increase the particle size of and bulk densities of materials to improve their handling. In a roll press briquette maker, material is densified by compression between two main counter-rotating rolls. The roll surfaces have pockets to form briquettes of desired size and shape when the material passes between the rolls. This double pressing briquette press supplied by ABC Machinery has obtained national patent in China.

Photo Display of Final Briquettes

Coal Charcoal Briquette in round pillow shape
Round-Pillow Shaped Coal Briquettes
Coal / charcoal Briquettes in square pillow shape
Square-Pillow Shaped Charcoal Briquettes
Coal Dust Briquettes details
Briquettes Details


Coal / Charcoal Briquetting Projects

The following is a complete briquetting plant suitable for processing both coal and charcoal. The production capacity is 10 ton/h. Just feel free to send us a inquiry for more detals and detailed equipment price and project cost. We are alwasy at your service!

Charcoal Briquette Plant
Mixing Machine
equipment for charcoal briquetting business
Briquetting Machine
coal briquetting business machinery
Belt Conveyor
start industrial charcoal briquetting plant
Other Details

With the purpose of ensuring the final product’s quality and mechanical strength, special treatment should be taken to ensure that the granule size fed to the machine is smaller than 3mm, the perfect size is smaller than 1–2 mm in the range of 30-40%, with no more than 10% over 2 mm. The moisture content of the mixture also can affect the quality of the final product, and it should be kept in the range of 8-10%.

inquire about the price and cost

ABC Machinery is a reliable coal / charcoal briquette maker supplier with professional technical team. Have any questions about briquetting or want to know more about our machines? Contact us now!

  • Briquette size is OVAL SHAPE 20X20X16mm OR 16X16X10mm  . This briquette will be used in Hot air chain stove where coal size requirement is 6mm to 20mm. Any shape will do. Binder material is from coal gasifier waste Tar oil. Please suggest the best type and size.
  • You said that the briqutte going to the stove should be about 6-20mm. Can you accept bigger size briqutte? You see, the capacity of GCXM-4 is 4t/h is based on the briquette size of 50*30mm. If the briquette size is 20*12mm, the capacity of the machine is only 2-3t/h or so. You see, if the briquette size is bigger, eg 50*30mm, the capacity/output of the machine will be accordingly higher. Or perhaps you can try our GCXM-6 briquette machine. The capacity of this GCXM-6 machine is higher and around 3-4t/h.
    We would like to know your kind opinion. Thanks so much.

    Tar oil can be treated as binder. It's ok.
  • My company want to buy briquette press, so please give me a offer for your machine GCXM-8 for briquetting coal dust. We need capacity of 8t/h, so I think this model is good for us.

    Thank you in advance and best regards.
  • Thanks for your attention on our products.  Please find our offer as email attachment, please check it,hope it is ok to you.

    Please don't hesitate to email me if you have any problem.
  • We understand the 4 roller machine. So what is the diameter of these rollers.
  • The diameter of the big roller is 450mm. And the diameter of the small roller is 140mm.
  • RPM of Roller to get achieve the capacity mentioned by you.
  • The speed of the main shaft is 15rpm.
  • We are in the final stage to decide for one Carbon Briquetting Machine from China.
  • Please check the details of our briquette machine in the email attachment.