How Charcoal Briquettes are Made from Wood Briquettes?

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Here in this article let's talk about the carbonize process of wood briquettes.

★ First of all, stack wood briquettes (compressed saw dust bar) in carbonizing kiln; Put some easy burning material near gate for lighting later. (Screw Briquette Press for Sale>>)
carbonizing kiln finished charcoal briquettes

★ There are two holes in the gate of the kiln (the top hole is cloesed by a brick as shown in the follow picture). Upper one for spring water when carbonizing, down one use for light fire. Three holes leave at bottom and close by brick and soil to make sure little Oxygen pass to achieve carbonize condition.

carbonizing kiln gate kiln gate

★ The chimney at top is used for excluding smoke and moisture.

chimney chimney

How to Make Charcoal Briquettes from Wood Briquettes?

The basic briquettes to charcoal process can be generally divided into pre carbonize, carbonize and refining. Build a Charcoal Briquette Production Line>>

  • Pre carbonize
After light fire and check the smoke. When smoke starts coming outside the chimney. Block all the holes in gate except down holes (for lighting). The temperature rises while the moisture of briquetted bars evaporation. Hemicellulose start decompose generate more heat to rise up temperature inside kiln. Cellulose and lignin start decompose. When the air inside kiln reach to 300℃ it will stay there because limited air circulating capacity and slow carbonized process. When we see the smoke color from write to yellow, the pre carbonized is finished.
  • Carbonize
After checking smoking is turned yellow, close the chimney and open bottom holes gradually to achieve Carbonizing phase two while lot of flammable gas. When the gas burning mix with air can help temperature reach to 500℃ inside kiln.
  • Refining

The fire consume gas and air rapidly cause vacuum sucking phenomenon. It causes the carbonized bar aromatization. Temperature reach to 650-700℃.The organic compound contained of Carbonized bar reduced as well as the volume. But the Carbon contained rise up.

The parameters of finished charcoal briquettes shows as below:

Density 1.41 g/cm3
Moisture 3.7%
Ash Contained 2.3%
HHV 4278.70kcal
Sulphur Content 0.04%