Lime Briquetting Plant

Calcium Oxide ((CaO)) also known as quick lime. Lime is a kind of powder material which is very difficult to compress. According to traditional experience, without adding adhesive, lime powder is quite difficult to compress or mould. AGICO has developed a new kinds of briquette machine - Lime Briquetting Machine.

lime briquette press lime briquetting press

Lime Briquetting Machine
(The machine color can be customized as you required.)

This is a high-pressure briquetting machine. It is designed to press lime powder (Calcium Oxide) to lime ball briquettes. The finished lime briquette are widely used for smelting. There are a lot of iron and steel plant choose these lime block products. >> Complete coal briquetting press
When come out of the kiln, before feeding into briquette machine, the lime need to go through a screening, so that to insure the particle size is less than 3MM. Through testing, the density of lime briquettes pressed by our lime briquetting machine can be up to 1.9-2.2g/cm3.

Lime Briquetting Plant

Calcium Oxide Briquetting Machine

Calcium Oxide Powder Briquetting Plant

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