How to Choose Repair Welding Rod for Briquette Press Machine

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In the process of briquette pressing production, it is inevitable to encounter many problems. Then, what should we do if briquette press machine or spare parts break down? In this article, AGICO will tell you how to repair the equipment with welding rod. The quality of welding rod directly affects the production of briquetting. So let’s talk about how to choose a welding rod.

welding rod

First, select a high quality welding rod. It should be wear resistant and high temperature resistance. Cheap welding rod on the market generally can only be used for about 10 hours, while high quality welding rod can be used for about 100 hours.

briquetting propellerSecondly, choose the welding rod according to the welding process. Most people choose electric welding. However, electric welding cannot solve the problem of high temperature resistant. Beside, wear-resistant materials are hard to evenly into the steel when welding. So you should choose a more reasonable welding process.

Finally, take different compression ratio into account. In many situations, the propeller operates well at first. But the briquetting difficulty happens after one or two days. This is because the propeller doesn't match the raw material. You should choose a suitable propeller which works well with your raw material.
Through the above content, I believe that you have already know how important the welding rod, welding process and the propeller are for briquette press machines. So, I hope you pay attention to these factors during the briquetting production process. View our website to learn more about biomass briquetting or send us an email for detailed information about our briquette presses.

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