Basic Requirements of Biomass Briquette Extruder

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A complete charcoal production plant includes crusher, dryer, biomass briquette extruder and coking furnace. In this article let’s talk about how to make good use of charcoal briquette extruder.
Different charcoal machine, different raw material results in briquettes of different quality. If you want to make high quality charcoal briquette products, there are some basic knowledge you need to grasp.

Raw Materials for Briquetting

  • The moisture content is required between 6% and 12%. The effect of drying largely depends on the dryer machine you picked. A good dryer is the key to the survival of your charcoal making factory. Biomass briquetting >>
  • Simplify the raw material or fix the proportion. Different species of wood have different requirements for the propulsion of briquette extruder. Some kinds of sawdust simply cannot make good charcoal briquettes. So you should have a good understanding of the material you have chosen.
  • Wait for a while after drying the biomass materials. The briquettes extruded from hot material mostly are not qualified. So leave the dried material to cool before feeding into a briquette press.
  • Ensure the particle size of raw material matches with the hardness.

 Operation of Charcoal Briquette Extruder

The operator plays a very important role in biomass charcoal briquetting.
  1. Control the temperature appropriately.Most briquette extruder machines adopt electric heating system. The error range of temperature controller is about 30 degrees. How to minimize this error range by experience has a great relationship with the quality of produced briquettes.
  2. Mix the raw material again after cooling. After cooling, the moisture content of raw material is not uniform. So it is necessary to mix them again.
  3. Master the wet degree of raw material can large reduce the crack problem of biomass briquettes.