2-40 T/H Complete Coal Briquetting Plant / Line

A complete charcoal or coal briquetting plant includs crusher, feeder, mixer, dryer, briquette press and conveyor. First of all let's have look at the flowchart of entire briquette line.

Flowchart of Charcoal / Coal Briquetting Line

Coal briquetting plant

Raw Material  —>  Crushing  —>  Feeding  —>  Mixing  —>  Pressing  —>  Drying  —>  Briquettes


See how these equipments are connected?

briquetting line

Suitable Material for Briquetting Line

This briquetting solution is suitable for almost all kind of coal or charcoal mateirals, such as:

  • Coal dust.
  • Color and black metallic mine powder.
  • Other powdery material.

Details of 2-40 T/H Complete Coal Briquetting Plant / Line

Final Coal Briquettes

With this briquetting line, coal or charcoal materials can be pressed into various different shapes: round, square, ball, oval, etc.

final coal briquettes


Projects of Complete Coal Briquette Plant

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in this briquetting solution or want to know more about coal briquetting. GEMCO is a professinal briquette machine factory in China. We have dedicated to briquetting technology for decades. Contact us if you want to get more details of our successful projects in other countries.