1 Ton Glycyrrhiza Briquetting Plant in Tajikistan

Customer Name: Najib
Country: Tajikistan
Raw Materials for Briquetting Production: Glycyrrhiza Wastes
Capacity: 1 Tons per day

glycyrrhiza glycyrrhiza wastes
Glycyrrhiza Wastes

glycyrrhiza briquettes glycyrrhiza briquetting
Finished Glycyrrhiza Briquettes

This customer owns a glycyrrhizic acid factory and have large account of glycyrrhiza wastes. He want to build automatic briquetting plant to make the glycyrhiza wastes into fuel briquettes, so that to make the most of these residues from his glycyrrhizic acid factory.

glycyrrhizic acid factory glycyrrhiza raw mateial-storage

Glycyrrhizic Acid Factory Raw Mateial Storage (glycyrrhiza / liquorice root)

This briquetting production line is consisted of one GC-MBP-1000 stamping type briquetting machine and one 13.25 kW dryer machine. We supplied installation and debugging service to this briquette making project. During the installation and debugging, we give the customer a comprehensive training on operation and maintenance.

The main raw material is glycyrrhiza resides which is produced from glycyrrhizic acid extracting process. See the below photos to get more details.

glycyrrhiza briquetting press
Glycyrrhiza Briquetting Press

dryer machine
Dryer Machine

The Dryer Stove
The Dryer Stove

briquetting plant installation
Briquetting Plant Installation

stamping glycyrrhiza briquetting plant Stamping Type Briquetting Plant
Stamping Type Briquetting Process

Packaged Briquettes
Packaged Briquettes in Bags

Feel free to contact us if you are interested to know more details of this briquetting project or have any questions about how to make liquorice or glycyrrhiza briquettes.

  • Kindly send me quotation of Briquette machine having capacity of 2 ton per hour and dryer for drying rice husk or dust to acquire low moisture dust.
  • The detailed offer of our briquette machine is enclosed as email attachment, please check it, hope it can meet your needs. This is our biggest unit machine, if you need more capacity 2 ton/h, you need two units, please check and comment.

    The Stamping briquette machine's advantage as follows:
    1.Continue working 24hours
    2.Multifunction: can make both briquettes and pellets
    3. Energy-efficient
    4.Cost of maintain low: Spare parts is cheaper and operating easily and so on.
  • I would like to know if you have some references in Europe to complete my benchmarking. France, Spain or Italy would be the country I am abble to visit.
  • We have a client in France, they make wood pellet and briquette, but i can not confirm they allow other person to visit their factory, I need check it with them. Now it is in installation work, so i think you need wait for some time if you want to visit it.