Palm Leaves Briquetting Plant

If you are looking for the best solutions of utilizing palm wastes such as palm leaves for production of biomass briquettes, you are in the right place! Your company deserves the best in very short time with competitive price and one-to-one customized project design.

Palm Leaves Briquetting Plant

Palm Leaves are one main kind of palm oil processing residues, and these leaves are now found to be good raw materials for making biomass briquettes. However, it is reported that hundreds tons of palm leaves are sent for landfilling every day. Making the best use of biomass wastes can not only reduce the harvesting of forest resources, but also offer a great alternative of traditional wood charcoal.

Except palm leaves, our briquetting plant can also process paddy straw, corn leaves, corn stalk/cob or also coffee skin. Tell us your detailed requirements and we will advice you the right briquetting machine for your plan.

Video of Palm Leaves Briquette Plant

Palm leaves briquetting projects is low cost while saving the environment at the same time. ABC Machinery can guide you building palm leaves briquetting plant and make big money for your own. Feel free to contact us ( for any questions or detailed information on palm wastes briquetting and making briquettes out of palm leaves. We are always at your service!