What’s the consumption of screw briquette machine parts?

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Q: For screw type fuel briquette maker, the wear and tear of spare parts is a big problem, and I hear of some factories have to stop production because of unaffordable quick-wear part and maintenance costs. What’s the consumption of your briquette machine parts?

screw type briquette machine
Screw Briquette Machine

Long Life of Screw ShaftLong Life of Inner Former

Screw Shaft and Inner Former

A: It is true that the wearing parts consumption of screw type biomass rob making machine is larger than mechanical stamping type. The main wearing part is screw propeller. Let’s take a common screw briquette machine for example:
Assuming that the production is 100 kg/h; the crew propeller service life is 80h; the screw propeller cost is 400RMB. Then, the wear rate will be 50RMB per ton. It means you will cost 50RMB for making one ton of biomass briquettes.

Long Life of Screw Shaft: The Screw shaft of our briquette machine is made of high hardness alloy steel. The screw shaft is made by a milling machine so that to ensure the distance and the angle of every screw is the same. 

Long Life of Inner Former: The inner former is made from a whole steel bar through a water jet cutting system and it can be used for 1-2 years.