What Will Happen If the seal of Coking Furnace Is Lax

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Charcoal briquetting machine – Coking furnace is necessary equipment for making charcoal briquettes. The coking furnace must be sealed tightly. One leaked, the amount of oxygen in the furnace cannot be controlled and the wood briquettes in the furnace will be easy to burn excessively, then the finished charcoal products will be loose in texture and easy to broken. What’s more, the excess oxygen will burn part of wood briquettes into white powder (ash), resulting in charcoal production decline and higher charcoal production costs. Charcoal making productio line >>

charring kiln coking furnace
Charring Kiln & Coking Furnace

Charring or coking is the important link of machine-made charcoal production. The coking process is the core technology in produce machine-mad charcoal. Charring process can be divided into low temperature exhaust, calcination temperature, and cooling three stages. Newly produced biomass briquettes have about 8% moisture content. However, briquettes are most afraid of damp and moisture, since it will seriously affect the quality of charring. So the first stage of charring is moisture removal. The time of moisture removal is generally 10-15 hours for coking kiln and 2-3.5 hours for mechanism coking furnace. Long heating time can prevent the briquette bar from cracking and ensure the quality for final charcoal products. When the charring is finished, remember to ventilate first before taking out the charcoal, so that to prevent carbon dioxide poison. Place newly produced charcoal in the outdoor for at least 8 hours to prevent fire caused by afterheat.