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 AGICO GROUP is one of the main suppliers of timer briquette machines in domestic and the abroad markets, if you are interested in making timber briquette, feel free to contact us now! 

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Eucalyptus Trees Bark and Timber Briquette Machine

Recently, there has been a piece of news about the biggest biomass fuel power generation plant started in the Guangdong province, which is good news for all the briquette machine manufacturers as well as to AGICO Group. With the economic aggregate increasing rapidly, investing in the renewable biomass fuel industry has become the most important part of the developing plan.



For timber briquette machines, barks of eucalyptus and other wood residues like twigs, thin branches were collected together and throw away, now it has become the main raw materials of the fuel for biomass power generation plant, it was scheduled that the sugarcane leaves would take almost half of the fuel raw materials, the bark is 30%-40%, the rest is straw, but now the main resource is eucalyptus trees bark. The timer briquette is similar with the wood brick fuel. It can provide steady and long time burning, so it is the perfect fuel for power generation plant.