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What the difference between charcoal, charcoal powder and machine-made charcoal? What are the suitable materials for making charcoal products? You may have a series of question before step in the field of charcoal production. Here in this article, let’s talk about these frequently asking questions.
Charcoal: Charcoal is made from wood materials through incomplete combustion in the absence of air. It is black or dark brown porous solid fuel.
Charcoal Powder: Charcoal powder is made from crop straw or forestry residues through charring. Charcoal powder is now widely applied in field of industry, agriculture, medicine, family and so one. It can be used for metallurgy, pharmaceutical and soil improvement. Many families also use it to adsorption of formaldehyde, removing harmful gas, dehumidification and deodorizing.
Machine-made Charcoal: It is also named as mechanism charcoal or artificial charcoal, regenerated charcoal, smoke-free charcoal. It is made from charred biomass or wood briquettes (generally in stick or rob shape).

raw wood charcoal charcoal powder machine-made charcoal briquettes
Raw Wood Charcoal Charcoal Powder Machine-made Charcoal

What kind of material is suitable for making charcoal products?

  • Trees, branches, bark (fir, Tung, Aspen, Fruitree);
  • Crops (Straw, rice straw, peanut shells, rice husk, hemp stalk, cigarette rod, etc.);
  • Wood processing scraps;
  • Sawdust;
  • Furfural residue;
  • Various kinds of fruit shell (walnut shell, coconut, palm shell etc.)
  • Paper mill sludge;
After have a full understanding of raw materials, let’s learn about the differences between these materials.
  • Charcoal is made by charring raw wood or logs directly.
  • Charcoal powder is produced by coking and crushing the raw materials.
  • Machine-made charcoal is produced through crushing, drying, briquetting (molding), charring.

Different charcoal products need different charcoal making equipment

Necessary equipment for making raw wood charcoal:
Build coking kiln or choose carbonization furnace.
Necessary equipment for making charcoal powder:
  • Char small size raw materials such as sawdust, rick husk directly with carbonization furnace. (Diameter less than 6mm)
  • For large particle materials, you need to crush them with a crusher first before carbonization.
  • You can also choose charring first and then crushing.

Necessary equipment for making charcoal briquettes:

charcoal production
Use sawdust as raw material: dryer, briquette press, carbonization furnace.
Use branches or other large particle materials: Crusher, dryer, briquette press, carbonization furnace.
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