Charcoal Making Production Is Highly Related to Temperature

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Charcoal making production is closely related to temperature. Highe temerature matters in molding process, carbonization process and drying process. High temperature has been an very important factor affecting the quality of finished charcoal products. Then how to well control the temperature during charcoal production?

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Temperature Control of Charcoal Production

When drying raw materials, keep the moisture 6%-12% and temperature 80-300 degrees.

There are 3 heating ring outside the molding barrel. In can make the temperature of molding barrel up to 350℃.. In order to ensure the charcoal rob with great density, smooth surface and no crack, we should choose appropriate molding temperature depending on different raw materials and water content. The accurate value is got by testing. Generally speaking, if we assume that the spiral propeller of charcoal machine you bought is qualified, and the raw material is sawdust, wood shavings or bamboo powder, and the moisture content is 6-12%, we will control the temperature 260-320℃. .>> Charcoal machine for sale

We should also control the temperature of carbonization process. It can be divided into three different stages.

Drying stage. Keep the temperature 120-150degrees. Pyrolysis speed is very slow. It is mailnly because of the water content in the raw materials. When evaporating the water content, the chemical composition of the raw materials almost has no change.

Pre carbonization. Keep the temperature 150-275 degrees. The pyrolysis of wood material is getting obviously. The chemical composition is getting changed. The instability composition such as semi fiber starts to decomposing and  generating carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and a small amount of acetic acid and other substances.

Carbonization stage. Keep the temperature 275-400 degreees. In this stage, wood materials get sharply thermally decomposed and generate a large number of decomposition products.

Calcination stage. The temperature rose to 450-500 degrees.

Smelting charcoal stage. The temperature is 500-1200 degrees.

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