Benefits of Fuel Briquettes

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Seasoned logs were the main heating resource in the old days. Now, wood briquettes have replaced seasoned logs to be the most popular fuel. Fuel briquettes are made from wood wastes, biomass wastes and agricultural residues. They are friendly to the environment and possess high fuel value.


seasoned logs Fuel Briquettes
Seasoned Logs Fuel Briquettes

Why Buy Wood Briquette Press Machine?

The price of briquettes is a little higher than wood logs and because of this some people still keep using logs for heating. The truth is that using wood briquettes can save you much more money during the burning. Briquettes can last up to three hours while typical logs can only last 1 hour.

GCBC-II Briquette Making Machine

Wood briquette press machine is the equipment used to make fuel briquettes. If you own a farm or have sufficient biomass wastes, you are recommended to buy you own a small briquette press, so that you can make wood briquettes at home. By this way, your heating costs can be largely reduced!