BBQ Charcoal Machine

Main Process of BBQ Charcoal Making

BBQ Charcoal Machine

GEMCO BBQ Charcoal Machine

Raw materials (coal/charcoal lumps) → Crushing (pulverize the raw materials into powder) → Binder Mixing → Conveying → BBQ Charcoal Machine → Dring → Packing → Final Barbecue Charcoal Products

Suitable Raw Materials

Waste charcoal chunk and coal powder.

With this small charcoal making machine, you can make charcoal of bar shape.

charcoal making

FAQs From Our Customers:

I have been making briquettes made from charcoal dust, my problem is a machine properly making commercial briquettes ready to compete on market, it has to be run on diesel engine, with a mixing unit,1500-2000kg/day. Do you have any info about this.

There is a requrment of charcoal briquetting machine of 1500 kg per hr.

I would like to have a machine to make cooking pellets from charcoal dust...and at how much.

We want to know more about shisha charcoal machine with the quote, we want to know that this machine does have any dreying options or should we have a separate drier Please mail us back