About Charcoal Molding Machine

The characteristics of coal production line: high efficiency, small investment, environmental protection and energy saving. Charcoal molding machines comply with all the advantages the burning. Charcoal molding machine is widely applied for making charcoal briquettes for cooking or BBQ. In general, the charcoal / coal briquette production line is more suitable for industrial coal briquette application.

Charcoal rob machine and charcoal ball machine both have high requirements on heat strength and thermal stability, especially large coal / charcoal molding production line. Our company’s briquetting equipment can meet all the requirements.

How to choose the raw materials for coal molding?

  • For raw material selection, coking coal is recommended to save the cost of production, such as coal, anthracite, lean coal;
  • The briquetting technology still needs to be improved, especially the high yield production line.
  • It is better to choose the raw material locally and briquette locally. So that to avoid the affections of temperature and humidity and also reduce ash content.
  • Meet the international trend. Low ash content, improve coal properties and coal calorific value.