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From log or large wood materials to small chips


small wood chipper pto wood chipper
Left: small wood chipper      Right: PTO wood chipper

I sent an email earlier regarding making juniper fuel logs, and just noticed you also make and sell chippers. I am interested in hearing your advice on what I'm wanting to accomplish which is taking a juniper tree and turning into a sellable resource. And what kind of price I would be looking at to do so with a screw press and a chipper. I belive the larger size is a better option for what I'm wanting to do. It would be nice if it was all portable but not totally necessary. Thank you for your time

----  Inquire from America

large wood chipper
Large wood chipper

I have a great source of wood and need to know what is would take to get up and running. I would need a chipper/grinder, magnetic metal removal for nails and staples and whatever pellet or briquette equipment.
An approximate $ amount for the equipment and an approximate building size to house.
Virtually unlimited wood supply.

----  Inquire from America