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Inquiries from Our Customers

Dear sir, About Screw Briquette Machine - GCBC -1
I would like to know
1)If the briquetting process produces smoke and dust, and how it is solved. I think about the health of workes and the enviroment.
2)If I use rice straw it needs to be processing (milling and driying) before the strusion
3) The briquettes after the compactation process is carbonised
4) The briquettes could be use as fuel for barbecure
Thanks in advance.

-- Peru, Assureira


Is there a screw or hydraulic briquette machine for small scale molding business that produces 2000lbs wood waste a week? If so How expensive is it?

-- America, Russell


We want to make briquettes from hard coke dust. here we have available coke dust. but we have no idea how to make briquettes from hard coke dust.please mail me about procedure of manufacturing hard coke dust briquettes. And about machinery with price. and raw materials as soon as possible.

-- India, Kothari