GCBC-II Briquette Machine

Applicable Biomass Materials: tea, fruit trees, sugar cane bagasse, rice stalk, cotton stalk, straw, wood wastes, grass...

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GCBC-II Briuqetting Machine for Sale

Large Briquetting Machine (Reasonable Price, High Output)

This GCBC series briquetting press is our newly developed, the third generation of briquetting machine for making high density wood briquettes. It is featured of reasonable structure design, beautiful appearance design and easy operation.

Main Parameters

Output capacity kg/h 300-350
Motor Power (kw) 18.5kw, 360v, 6 grades
Electric heater (kw) 2.2kw×2
Heating Range 280~350℃
Life of the inner former 1-2years
Size of briquettes Dia.60/50mm*L.500mm
Size of inside hole Dia.16mm
Density of briquettes 1.3g/cm³
Weight(kg) 1000kg
Overall dimension(mm) 2000*600*1700
Raw material moisture requirements 8~10%

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Advantages of GCBC-II Briquetting Machine

★  The feed throat is enlarged to drive more materials and improve moisture eliminating.
★  The back machine body is shortened to make the it convenient to manufacture and maintain.
★  The screw pushrod is prolonged, which can help improve the briquetting density and output.
★  The structure of inner sleeve is also improved to raise the briquetting speed and quality at the same time.
★  The machine body adopts integral structure design, which is easy to install and disassemble .
★  The front and back machine body adopt hollow type design.
★  It makes the cleaning work more convenient and it is also good to fire safety.
★  The hopper outlet is equipped with vibration device, avoid choking or blocking problem.
★  The broken wood briquettes will fall on the mesh conveyor directly and been carried away automatically. No need of manual picking work.
★  The motor powder is increased to 18.5kw - 6 grades and the heating system is also improved. 

How to Make Wood Briquettes?

Briquetting Plant in Egpyt
Wood Briquetting Production Line

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Briquetting is a process to compress raw materials under high pressure and make them into round or square briquettes which can be used for heating purpose. For wood or most agro-waste materials, high lignin content, they are easily to be compressed into high density solid briquettes under high pressure. During the compressing process, the temperature will rise, the lignin will be melted into adhesives which can help binding the particles together. The moisture content of raw materials is suggested to be 6-16%.

The application for wood briquettes are numerous and the supply of raw materials for making wood briquettes is abundant, easy to get and cheap in price.