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  • We are interested in briquetting machine plant for wood crushing machine,saw dust drying machine and briquetting presses.kindly give me the quotations or profoma.Thanks regards Charles.
  • We appreciate if you can tell us your detailed requirements as shown in below, to avoid any misunderstanding, and for our convenience of supplying correct information and recommending the best suitable solutions for your project.

    what is your raw material?  what is the size and moisture of it?
    Do you want to produce briquettes burning as biofuel or to produce charcoal briquettes?
    What's the requested output capacity of fuel Briquette or charcoal briquettes (KG/Hour)?

    Please see attachment in email for the catalogue of available briquette machines.  
  • Sir,
    We are want to buy a briquette plant that can handle saw dust, rice husk and rice straw, corn stalk and like items with the indicated capacity. we do not want to sun dry, please give us your price for a complete plant (capacity 500~1000kg/h) that will dry,crush and briquette.
    Best regards
  • We recommend types of briquette machines:
     1. GC-MBP-1000 Multifunctional Biomass Briquette Press:
    Capacity: 0.8-1.2T/H
    Price: USD33500.00 FOB CHINA
    2. Biomass Briquetting Plant(screw type to make hollow briquettes with hole in the middle)
    Price: USD4000-12000 FOB CHINA
    You should consider the following questions: Do you have any estimated budget (investment amount) for the project? What is the requested size and shape of final briquettes?