1TPH Wood Briquette Production Equipment in Ethiopia

Project Name: Wood Briquette Production Equipment
Project Location: Ethiopia
Capacity: 1 Ton per Hour (1 ton/h)
Price: Around $110000 (Equipment cost only)
Raw Materials: Wood Wastes from wood processing factory

Onsite Photos of the Briquetting Project

wood briquette manufacturing project - factory design
Briquette Making Workshop

wood wastes for making charcoal briquettes
Raw Material: Wood Wates

wood bark for making charcoal briquettes in large scale
Raw Material: Wood Bark

fuel briquette production line for making charcoal from biomass and wood wastes
Wood Crushing System

compelet large scale wood briquette production plant built in Ethiopia
Drying System

turnkey wood briquette production plant project design
Briquetting System

large scale wood briquetting business plan - factory layout design
Biomass Briquette Presses

carbonized charcoal kiln in industrial scale biomass charcoal briquettes production
Wood Briquettes Charking Kiln

Equipment List of The Briquette Production Plant

The following table shows the main equipments included in this wood briquettes manufacturing project.

NO. Machinery Specificatio Quantity Motor Power
1 Screw Conveyor Belt B-Type 2+1 4.4 kw  100
2 Sink Conveyor Belt 6*0.6 1 2.2kw  100
3 Double Screw Conveyor Belt G-Type 1 4kw     25
4 Briquette Press GCBC-I Type 5 112kw
5 Dryer HGJ-06 Type 1 22.5kw   100
6 Secondary Drainage Separation   1 7.5kw
7 Mesh Conveyor Belt
Smoking Cover
E-type 9*0.6*1M 1 2.2kw   100
8 Smoking Device   1 7.5kw
9 Wood Chipper   1 50kw   100
10 Crushing Machine FSJ-03-type 1 35.5kw
11 Bevel Conveyor Belt A-type  5m 1 1.5kw   80
12 Bending Conveyor Belt D-type  5m 1 1.5kw   80
13 Closed Screening Machine 2-type 1 1.5kw   80
14 Spare Parts      
If you are planning for starting a large scale wood briquette production business or feel interested to know more about this project, don't hesitate to contact us!