New Charcoal Making Machine

New charcoal making machine, best way to make money!

New type of GEMCO (GEMCO is one subsidiary company of AGICO GROUP) charcoal machine – biomass charcoal making machine is a replacement equipment of traditional charcoal making machine. It is featured by sophisticated manufacturing technic, higher production, bigger extrusion density and better effect of briquetting. It is really a good money making machine for you.
GEMCO charcoal making machine can turn various biomass materials to charcoal briquettes, straw, sawdust, branches, rice husk, bamboo powder, peanut shell, sunflower seed shell, furfural residue, corncob, bagasse, lees, coconut shell and so on.

How to make biomass raw materials to charcoal briquettes?

  • STEP 01. Turn biomass materials to biomass stick briquettes.
  • STEP 02. Carbonize biomass briquettes to charcoal briquettes.

Biomass Charcoal Making Machine

GCBC-I Briquette Making Machine 
(Turn biomass materials into semi-finished charcoal briquettes)

Semi-finished Charcoal Briquettes

semi-finished charcoal briquettes

Charcoal Kiln or Carbonization Furnace

charcoal kiln Carbonization Furnace

Final Charcoal Briquettes

charcoal briquettes

Two kinds of equipment are needed in the processing. One is biomass charcoal making machine and the other is charcoal kiln. In the charcoal making machine, with high temperature and high pressure, the biomass raw materials can be made into semi-finished charcoal briquettes. I this process only the surface of the briquettes can be highly carbonized. The these semi-finished charcoal briquettes should be put in a charcoal kiln  to get complete carbonized. You can also choose carbonization furnace to carbonize the raw material to charcoal and then extrude the charcoal carbonized material to briquettes. If you choose carbonization furnace, you may need a BBQ charcoal briquette machine.
Charcoal making machine characteristics: As long as your raw materials are suitable and the moisture is 8% -12%, there is no need to add any binder or harmful chemicals. Our charcoal making system adopts advanced heat flow drying system, can turn biomass materials into high quality smokeless, tasteless and non-toxic semi-finished charcoal briquettes.

Advantages of GEMCO Charcoal Making Machine

Our new charcoal rob making machine has four major advantages:

  • High output. The yield of our new charcoal making machine (15KW power) is nearly one times above traditional types. Save labor and also save electricity and greatly reduce the cost of briquetting process.
  • The forming sleeve is made from precision casting alloy materials to improve the abrasion resistance. Besides, with specialized structure design, the machine is easy to master, disassemble and easy to replace small quick-wear parts. It is economical and money-saving.
  • The electrical parts is equipped with Low current initiating device, which can protect the charcoal making machine well and prolong the service life of the motor.
  • GEMCO is a charcoal making machine manufacturer and supplier with professional technical support and excellent performance. It offers a great way to make money. It makes charcoal making an ideal investment project of small investment, high return and free risk.