Olive Pomace Briquette Machine

Olive farming is currently one of the principal farming activities that most people prefer in the agricultural sector. lts demand is huge across the globe. In Europe, it is the second most ranked in agro-food industry. One of the byproducts of olive pulp processing is the olive pomace, which can be turned into pellets by the olive pomace briquette machine, a process called briquetting.

make olive cake pellets or briquettes
Make Olive Pomace (olive cake) into fuel pellets or briquettes.

What's Olive Pomace?

Olive pulp provides olive oil and olive pomace (cake). The olive oil, which is extracted from the olive pulp may be used in different ways. Olive pomace is the remaining by-product during the olive oil process of production. Olive pomace constitutes a mixture rich in olive pits, the water that is usually added in the olive mills, and the olive pulp. Depending on the thoroughness of the oil extraction process, its moisture content varies between 40% and 70%.

How to Turn Olive Pomace into Pellets or Briquettes?

Pellets or briquettes of olive pomace are useful but the process to acquire them from the olive pulp may involve some machines. The Olive cake briquetting machine is the most important one in this process. As said earlier, the moisture content of the pomace may be up to 70%. Drying occurs to get rid of this amount of moisture. Dring helps in obtaining useful biomass from the olive waste product in solid form. After drying using the drying machine, the content of moisture may go down to about 8-15% before going to the next step.

olive pomace briquetting pelleting machine
Pelleting and Briquetting All-in-one Machine (Suitable for olive pomace or cakes densifying/compressing)

olive cake briquetting and pelletizing
Final Pellets and Briquettes Produced by This Multi-function Briquetting Machine

Sieving then follows to remove the unnecessary materials such as dust and impurities that may appear in the olive pomace pellets. The sieving process is important in the protection of the machines involved in processing in addition to enhancing the final product's quality. After this, grinding occurs to reduce the olive cake size into a fine powder before the briquettes or pellets are made. Finally, the pelleting process occurs, a step in which the Olive pomace briquette machine takes charge. It does this very well by compressing the powder into briquettes or pellets. This process is quick, and the products that come from the machine are of high quality. The pellets can then be packaged.

Market of Olive Residues for Energy

The amount of olive residues for energy are enormous, but the demands supersede the supply. The biomass briquettes have several uses in both indoor and outdoor applications. For example, the briquettes can be used in fireplaces and wood burners. Furthermore, they work better in heating boilers and heating stoves. Many industries have the boilers, and these residues are needed. Therefore, the demand isn't something that can compromise its market.

olive residues

In many countries around the world, several projects have been started to help farmers address waste problems by converting the residues into quality sources of energy. Business has now embroiled the projects, and farmers, as well as industries, are for the use of these residues. The Olive pomace briquette machine along with many others have also gained market since they help transform these residues into suitable shapes. Therefore, the market is huge.

One should not just get the olive pulp for olive oil alone. The by-products of the oil extraction process are very useful. They can be transformed into useful sources of energy. The Olive pomace briquette machine will help come up with both small pellets and large briquettes of the olive pomace. The briquettes are in demand, and the market is wide. You can get your machine to do the process. Build your olive residue briquetting plant and make big money for your own! For any questions about olive residue briquetting or pelletizing, feel free to contact us. We are always at your services!