Wood Chip Briquette Machine for Sale

wood chips
wood chip briuqettes

AGICO is not only a leading manufacturer of wood chip briquette machine, it is also a corporation which always pays attention in how to reward the society. World Disabled Day is on December 3th, it might not be a very important day for many other companies, but it means a lot for AGICO, from the beginning of this year, AGICO has hired 2 staffs who have been trained very well in the sign language, that is the preparation for the hiring of deaf-mute in the near future, AGICO is very happy that we are going to provide jobs for disabled people.

GCBA Series Briquetting Machines
GCBA-I Briquette Machine
GCBA-II Briquetting Machine
GCBA-II Briquette Machine
GCBB Series Briquetting Machine
GCBB-I Briquette Machine
GCBB Series Briquetting Machine
GCBB-II Briquette Machine
GCBC-I Briquette Making Machine
GCBC- I Briquette Machine
GCBC-II Briquette Making Machine
GCBC-II Briquette Machine

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There will be many more new jobs supplied for the disabled people, the world is going to become a better place, and if you have noticed, wood chip briquette machine is a bio-fuel machinery equipment, the environment of earth is going to be improved with the bio-fuel promotion and wide use, join in the new trend of bio-fuel development and make this world a better place for the children, if you want to know more about AGICO or the wood chip briquette machine, you can contact us now!